My 2017 in one blog post

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to everyone, I hope you all had a great year.

2017 was a very special year for me for a lot of reasons and 2018 will have to be pretty damn amazing to beat it! Here are some of my highlights.

Social media highlight of the year

When I popped out to photograph the Birmingham Velo cycling event that was passing through Stourbridge I never imagined the response to be so great from the friends and family taking part in the event. People tagging friends and family in my photos and speaking to other people viewing the event about the photos really gave me the feeling that my photos were being appreciated, so I’m looking forward to photographing some sporting events this coming year.


Location highlight of the year

The best location for photographs I found this year was on my trip out to Wales to visit Lake Vyrnwy and Bala. Both lakes having a small road running around the outside to maximise the potential of a great photo, and ever so often a little parking area where you could venture through the trees on to the shores of lakes. Fantastic. But the one view that made it all worthwhile was at Lake Vyrnwy when I made my way up to the Laky Vyrnwy hotel and spa located up a hill overlooking the lake, the view was that good, I had to get a timelapse of it.


Quite a few memories have been made last year, with plenty more to come this coming year! hopefully going to travel more around the country too! We also have one big holiday to the far east in August. Hong Kong, Bali, and Singapore being the destination, i hope to update you all on the travels!!




Copenhagen – Day 1: Travel and Tivoli Gardens

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting for our holiday to come around, we finally head out to Birmingham Airport to begin our journey to the wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Having packed a suitcase between myself and my fiancée, Abbie, and a small hand luggage bag each we were ready to rock and roll! Also with this being the first trip I have fully booked through Expedia I was looking forward to seeing how it was all going to turn out, especially with having all the details handy on my phone.

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