Exploring Yorkshire – York and Whitby

Having the chance to visit York and Whitby for the first time this Easter was a great opportunity, and so I kick this blog off with my experience of this trip. So here are the key places we visited and a few foodie recommendations for my little trip. I hope you enjoy!


A city in the north east of England, boasting an absolutely huge cathedral that dominates the city skyline, a series of small streets lined with shops known locally as “The Shambles” and a very well known tea room, known as “Bettys”

A particular highlight for me was to see actually how popular Betty’s tea rooms was. Watching patrons queuing in the streets just to have an hour or so enjoying afternoon tea was insightful to the popularity of the location. If you’re not feeling quite up to queuing for it, you can pop into the left hand side of the shop to buy from the counter, where you can take your afternoon nibbles away to enjoy at home or around the city. I was very impressed by the quality of cakes in store, and would recommend anyone who gets a chance to at least pop in and grab a cake!

bettys cafe

Also, before I move on. We took a chance at one of the new trending attractions sweeping across the country at the moment which is the escape rooms. We had a go at Gr8Escape York’s most difficult room (out of the 3) and managed to complete it with 5 minutes to spare! The only bit of information that I will give you on it, is that it’s space themed. Such a great way to spend a day with friends or family, or even with work colleagues as a team building activity! Very much recommended!!!!


A small seaside town in the north of England, being overlooked by the ruined gothic abbey – Whitby abbey, which is said to be the inspiration for Bram Stokers book “Dracula” So to begin with, this is a town with a story and forever sealed in history due to this book. Along with being the place where a young Captain Cook began his journey into sailing.

whitby ruin

Getting up to the abbey is not for the feint hearted as the “199 steps” stands in your way, and even carries a few warnings on the way, do ascend the stairs at your own risk. But the view from the top is most definitely worth it, although we did not go on the most pleasant of days, it is still nice to see England at its finest.


Whitby sign

And after you have marched up and down the 199 steps, you deserve a nice little break, and what better than a place called Sherlocks Coffee Shop. Home of lots and lots of nice CAKE! The coffee shop was very small from the front, but never seemed to come to an end inside when finding a table, even the interior is set out to look as if your right inside the books!Sherlock coffee shop 1sherlock coffee shop 2sherlock coffee shop 3

So there you have it, a quick run down on what we found in York and Whitby. If I find myself in this part of the country again, I would most definitely make an effort to visit.

whitby netswhitby bay

Thank you for reading, please like and share!

The Travelling Dave

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