The View From The Shard

The ShardThe view from the Shard, this is a must do experience if you are in London, the views were incredible! But more on that later.

During our impromptu weekend break in London my partner, Abbie, surprised me with a visit to the shard, and what a visit it was. She had purchased tickets online in advance for “The view from the shard” which is a viewing deck on the 69th and 72nd floor. Click the link for more information (The View From The Shard). Personally, i am not great with heights like these, I have memories of reaching the top of the Blackpool tower a number of years ago and having to sit down to calm myself down just to even try and enjoy the view.

Prices are cheaper online, so book in advance! Adults go from £25.95 online to £30.95 on the day, children 4-15 years £19.95 online and £24.95 on the day, the booking time slots are between 10.00am and 8.00/9.00pm depending on which date you choose.

Upon arrival you are greeted by friendly members of staff guiding you through your journey to the the top of the shard, from the front entrance, the ticket office, the lifts and at the viewing platform. On your ascent to the platform you will change lifts around half way up, with some informative artwork lining the floors and walls, Describing different parts of the city with a single sentence. I apologise for not taking any photos at this point i was too busy psyching myself up for view to come.

With the second lift completed, you are greeted with another floor with artwork obscuring the view of London. Finally after one more flight of stairs you reach the unobstructed views of the London skyline. The 360 degree view of the capital city is unbelievable, with views of all the main attractions this is not to be missed.

The biggest tip I can give you for this attraction is to get tickets for around 8.00/8.30pm at this time of year as the sun sets around 9.00pm giving you a great opportunity for some photos of the London skyline at sunset. But for even better photos you can wait a little longer for the get to drop and all of the city turning their lights on. For you photographers out there a tripod is a must for better photos at night using long exposure.

During the time we spent at the top, there was two extra attractions which looked ace, both of which were VR experiences. We did not try the experiences but they looked good from viewing them both. The first of which was a virtual slide, giving you the feeling of travelling at 100mph around a slide constructed through the city skyline. The second experience is a test of your nerve at heights, as you have to walk across some of the shards early structure. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have a better camera body to take the photos with! Here are a few photos I took during my time at the top!


Many thanks, I hope you all take the opportunity to go up the shard if your in London!

The Travelling Dave

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