London Natural History Museum

Natural history museum

The Natural History Museum is one of the best attractions in London which is free entry! Only four to five minutes walk from South Kensington underground station, stops on District, Circle and Piccadilly lines. For added shopping bonus tip, it is only 15 minutes walk from the world famous Harrods department store, also getting off at this stop before the Knightsbridge stop can beat the crowds.


After a short queue to get into the Museum, you enter the “Red zone” which was themed to the history of planet Earth, with information on natural disasters, fossils, natural gemstones and human evolution. An escalator takes you up three floors that you need to work your way down through the exhibits to move onto the next sections. Walking through all the different areas around this zone gives you the sense that the Earth is millions of years old and that we are just a tiny moment in the planets entire existence! Very deep! One of the must see areas was the small earthquake simulator based on events in japan, and how they are making building to survive potential disasters.museum3

Next is the “Green zone” which includes the most impressive room in the entire museum, the Hintze Hall. Home to a full size 25 metre long Blue Whale skeleton, standing in the hall with the Whale skeleton suspended above you gives you a sense of how small you are. Such a beautiful sight to behold! Getting up to the second level in this hall gives you a nicer view of the Whale, most definitely worth coming to visit for this exhibit alone! All throughout the hall are smaller exhibits with other skeletons such as a Mastodon, and a Mantellisaurus skeleton. The detail that the fossils still have to this day is so awe inspiring and the work going into looking after these items is not even fathomable to me. londonweekender-0999


The “Blue zone” was next with another big sized hall packed with so many models and information about the planets biggest mammals. Along with more rooms with Dinosaurs and mammals in, this section does host an automated T-rex model which moves and roars. The photo below of a twin horned Narwhal, which was apparently a very rare occurrence in the natural world. Amazing!


All in all, i think that the Natural History Museum is well worth the visit if you have plenty of time in London. One big selling point for it would definitely be that its free entry, but get in early to avoid big queues. You could honestly spend 3-5 hours walking around all the exhibits absorbing so much information and just standing in awe at the sights of the fossils that archeologists have recovered. The big must do for me was the views you can get of the Blue Whale in the Hintze Hall. Just make sure to take your nice camera! Feel free to check out the website for any changes to the exhibitions.

I will be posting more photos on the Facebook page, so check them out if you get some time. TheTravellingDave – Facebook

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy your visit to the Natural History Museum, London feel free to like, comment and share!

The Travelling Dave

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