Tips! Walt Disney World: Magic Kindgom

daves Guide to Walt Disney WorldMagic Kingdom

Entering the park

Having stopped on one of the Disney world resorts, I found that the best way to get into Magic Kingdom was obviously using the provided free transport links, which will also save more money when it comes to parking! We used the busses located out the front out our/all hotels, but some of the more premium hotels have monorail, or boat links. (known as water taxi’s) Perfect for a different view on your journey into The Magic Kingdom Park. Also be prepared for queues to get into the park with the bag checks, so try and get to the park early, and use the extra magic hours if you get chance. The extra magic hours are allocated to different parks to give Disney resort guests an hour before a park opens or even two hours later closing time. A great idea if you want a photo with less of a crowd.

Main Street USA

The view down Main Street of the castle is one you will never forget, so make sure you get in early for your uncrowded photo down Main Street of the castle. For all of your shopping needs a visit to the Emporium is a must! It is based on the left hand side walking up Main Street and homes a lot of merchandise, from clothes to key rings, so plenty of choice for all ages to enjoy. On the right hand side of Main Street is Uptown Jewelers which homes the ever so popular brand of jewellery, Pandora. With plenty of choice of normal Pandora items, it has a big choice of Disney themed jewellery. You cannot miss an opportunity to purchase these here as you can’t get them easily in the U.K.

We visited Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, the setting was inspired by the iconic movie, Lady and the Tramp. A great restaurant, fantastic food and staff who are extremely helpful to keep your experience as authentic as possible! So a visit here is a must do!



The Pirates of the Caribbean, another one of the Magic Kingdom’s iconic rides, taking you through the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean on a 9-minute boat cruise. With plenty of action going on you will not know which way to turn.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, stumbling across this attraction will stick with me forever as we only popped in to see what it was and ended up staying for the whole thing! With animatronics of exotic birds and flowers bringing a deeply entertaining musical experience which you can never get out of your head.

Jungle Cruise, a cruise to a tropical jungle outpost with some of the wittiest tour guides you will come across. Sailing through the Amazon, Congo and Nile rivers meeting all sorts of wildlife and natural wonders!


Big Thunder Mountain, hold on to your hats, because this is a wild ride! This mine train rollercoaster is a ride to remember!

Splash Mountain, the log flume ride based on Disney’s film, song of the south. More animatronic critters in another action packed ride with the story of Br’er Rabbit. Better bring your waterproof jackets just in case you get soaked!

Frontier Trading Post, a must do shop if you are buying pins and/or pin trading. An entire blog post could be dedicated to pin trading but that will come at a later time! We began our pin trading as a way of getting rid of duplicate pins from blind packs, and now we’re hooked!

Liberty Square

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, the place where it is Christmas day, every day! A perfect place to pick up your gifts and ornaments for your Disney themed Christmas tree.


Its a small world, a must do! The ride is so iconic to Disney, and any trip would not be complete without sitting through the infamous “its a small world after all” song.

Big Top Souvenirs, we missed this part of the park out during our first trip to Disney, but upon return we found that we had missed out! The Big Top has a food counter in the centre, which is home to some great caramel Apples! With the themed shop running around the big top, again there are plenty of gifts for everyone.


Space Mountain, an amazing ride through space in the darkness. The normal queue for the ride is interactive, with some training missions to do while you wait. Such a great ride for one with no inversions, so it is more family friendly than the bigger, more intense rollercoasters around. Well worth the wait, or even a fast pass choice.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, moving around the ride on a 360 degree spinning car to battle the evil emperor Zurg. A very fun ride, especially with how interactive it is. Please be aware the normal queue for this ride is LONG! so have some in queue entertainment or fast pass this at the first available opportunity.

The Lunching Pad, personally my favourite place to sit and grab food! Using a quick service meal token you get a meal which will fill you up for the day! The only issue i found was that you need to be quick to grab a seat, but it is a great place to sit and have 10 minutes break and watch the world go by. Top food!

Fast Pass Options

Fireworks, the fast pass option for the Firework show gives you access to one of the small garden areas near the statue of Walt and Mickey, with limited availability and having cast members help move on other people from obstructing the view, it gives a

Parades, possibly one of the best views of the parade is available for this fast pass, as you are situated on the town square just as the parade comes down Main Street to turn around to complete its path. You get an unobstructed view along with a little bit more room to breath during the parades, which is more than welcome after a long day of walking around the park.

(EDIT 2nd September 2017) I have recently been informed since our last trip to Disney that they have removed the option for Fastpass tickets for fireworks and parades, meaning its every man, woman and child for themselves! This was quite disappointing to hear, so i would recommend getting your position at least one hour before the scheduled time to make sure you have the prime spot!

Space Mountain or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. The Space Mountain choice may seem like an obvious one as it is one of the most popular rides in the park, but i found the standard queue time was not as bad as anticipated, so unless you are desperate to get in Space Mountain, i would use the Fast Pass on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Only because it is a great ride, a fun concept to the ride, but the queue time is normally over 90 minutes.

3 thoughts on “Tips! Walt Disney World: Magic Kindgom

  1. I actually opted out of the Buzz Lightyear FastPass (while the rest of my family got it) because I thought the line moved pretty quickly last time! Now I’m not sure if I regret that decision…


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