Solo camping – My first experience

Wednesday 27th of September I decided to give solo camping a go in a one man pop up tent on a coastal campsite in Fairnourne, United Kingdom and here is how it went!

Why Fairbourne?

I chose the campsite Bwlchgwyn Farm, Fairbourne because of the location and the unrestricted views of the coast you get to the pitch. Along with the reasonable price too. I had to make sure I got the electrical hookup, I can’t be diving straight into proper camping with no practice now can I! The journey was a good 2 hour+ but with a good podcast playing it soon flew by, made better from some of the sights you pass while driving through the hills in Wales.

Side note: I need to make more of an effort to top driving and take in the views more when visiting places in wales. Around most corners are breathraking views of valleys, hills and little villages!

Once I was at the campsite I quickly set up the pop up tent, which seems like the greatest invention ever st this point by just throwing the tent out it folded out and it only needed pegging out! EASY! After about 4-5 journeys from the car with everything from a blow up mattress to my food for the night I was all set up and ready to face the day, and with it being around 12pm I had plenty off the day to take photos as explore Barmouth.

BarmouthIMG_414400015But that was brought to a complete standstill when the rain rolled in and made it impossible to get any decent photos without me cleaning off the lenses every few seconds! Such a shame really, because I would imagine Barmouth being a hive of activity in the summer months, with the small shops and few gaming arcades I found. But in an attempt to make the most of it I had a walk up and down the beach, found some boats which were on the sand due to low tide and shot away at them.

BarmouthIMG_418100017BarmouthIMG_417300016After taking shelter in a small Pirate themed cafe, random, Right? Grabbing what seemed at the time to be the world’s most expensive Panini and Coke. Considering all I really wanted was a quick bite and to head back to the tent to dig in for the night. It was such a shame I didn’t get any good pictures of the Cafe, all decked out in nautical themed decorations, making it seem like you was in the hull of a boat. Very nice. Also! for the price the Panini was exceptional! just short of £9 got you a flavoured panini of your choice, some crisps and a drink. Safe to say it didn’t last that long. Stunning.

Next was onto me trying to keep myself dry and warm in the tent for the night. But with the campsite being out in the open I was in for a battering from the wind and rain! Although having a rough nights sleep meant getting up at 4am and having a peek out the tent to the silence of no wind or rain gave me the gift of a fairly clear sky with Barmouth all lit up. I know the photo will not do this justice but you have to believe me! The sky was a blanket of stars, even more than I have ever seen before. It was magical! The only thing I need to figure out now is how to take some decent photos of night sky and stars. So once I had got the photos i needed, back off to sleep I went before the trek back home when light comes!


And there you have it, my one day camping experience, I felt I learnt a lot doing this on my own, most importantly, take less stuff and maybe getting some earplugs being the main ones.

I hope you enjoyed it, a more detailed post coming soon with more details on what I took with me, what I need for next time, and where I might go next time!

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