Brecon Beacons Solo Walk

Ice Cream PartySo after a decision to pop down to my local Ultimate Outdoors store to have a good look around, picking some walking boots and some rambling trousers I was in the mood to go on a nice walk in the hills! A quick research on locations and the weather led me to the Brecon Beacons in Powys, Wales. A little bit more than I originally imagined myself doing.

With the images I found online looking so picturesque I was really looking forward to the prospect of seeing the sights for myself! Knowing it was just short of a 3 hour drive to the prime car parking spot was the downfall of the adventure, but hey, thats what you get for living in the midlands! No epic sights within an hours drive of myself.

After a quick pitstop for some food in Leominster meant I was on the way to one of the hardest walks I’ve done before. Purely because knowing I am not the fittest of individuals and with a few steep inclines to deal with, this was a big challenge for myself.


The starting point was at the Storey Arms outdoor education centre. (Post code : LD3 8NL) Which has a fair few car parking spaces across the road from it, along with a little way down the road, so plenty of spaces. Just get there early if the weather is good, otherwise you would be fighting for spaces! So off i trek up on the first path I could find up the hill.


After the first peak of the hill I was feeling pretty good about the rest of the way, until I got to around 2km up when the fog really set in, and by set in, I mean not being able to see more than 10ft in front of yourself. I knew this was the time to be extra careful for the final push for the top. From the picture I took you can see how bad it got and how steep the drop was to my left hand side! Scary stuff if i would have fell for sure!


Getting to the top was a struggle in the end, due to adverse weather. The rain kept coming and coming with no stopping it, no cover was available so I had to power through it to reach (what I thought at the time) was the top! So after 1 hour 30 mins I had made the top of my walk for the day. A distance of 3km walked, with an elevation of 440m in height gained.

Attempting to take some photos at the top was a little bit of a let down in the end due to the weather, and lack of waterproof equipment for the camera. But as chance would have it, on the walk back down the weather started to improve! What a sight it was, to see everything with no fog, honestly feeling on top of the world, and in a world without cities dominating the skyline. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but the scenery was breathtaking.

Brecon Beacons WalkIMG_454800014

Brecon Beacons WalkIMG_456200015

All in all it was a great experience, and in many ways one of the best ways to introduce yourself into the world of walking/hiking. I know it was not the biggest walk, the hardest walk or anything like that, but I really enjoyed it! From it i learnt a few things and what should bring with me next time on a similar walk.

For sure for next time. Waterproof equipment for camera, and most definitely a waterproof camera bag. I think i was lucky nothing got wrecked and is all working fine!

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