Copenhagen – Day 1: Travel and Tivoli Gardens

After what seems like a lifetime of waiting for our holiday to come around, we finally head out to Birmingham Airport to begin our journey to the wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Having packed a suitcase between myself and my fiancée, Abbie, and a small hand luggage bag each we were ready to rock and roll! Also with this being the first trip I have fully booked through Expedia I was looking forward to seeing how it was all going to turn out, especially with having all the details handy on my phone.

It was pretty much plain sailing through checking in, security and boarding the plane, which always helps for a happy trip abroad! It was also the first time I have ever been on a plane this small! According to the pilot we had missed our take off slot so we would be delayed around 20 minutes. We didn’t mind at all, being preoccupied with a game of monopoly on the iPad kept us busy through the delay and all of the flight! We took a quick look at the in-flight menu and the cookies looked like a nice little snack to keep us going, we were not disappointed, they were fantastic. And if you are dying to know, I won the game of Monopoly, against three computer players. Hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair really do make the difference in that game! Anyway…

Going through customs was a breeze, even with another big plane landing at around the same time so we expected a queue to get through. The automated customs machines make life a lot easier if you meet the criteria to use them (18+ with a chipped passport). Just a quick scan of the passport, a photo from the machine and away you go to pick up your baggage! Again, at the baggage carousel we expected a little delay due to other planes landing the same time as us, so we sat patiently and waited for our luggage’s turn on the carousel.
We purchased our Copenhagen Card before the trip on Expedia so that we could start using as soon as we landed. We took our confirmations for the 120-hour card to the information point at the arrivals section of the airport; there we exchanged the confirmations for our Copenhagen Cards. From the airport, we used our cards straight away to get a train to Copenhagen Central Station as our hotel was nearby. I will be telling you more about the Copenhagen Card on a different blog post, as there is so much to tell. It is possibly the best thing that you can purchase for any trip to the Danish Capital. I will provide you with a breakdown on how much we saved during our stay!

Fast forward to checking in at the hotel and we were not disappointed! The First Hotel Mayfair Is situated about a 5-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens. The staff at check in were very helpful, pointing out places of interest and guiding us to our room (Due to the hotel having two buildings because of expansion and ever-growing popularity!). Once we arrived at our room we were greeted by a complimentary snack tray (they provide these in your room at the beginning of your stay) we quickly polished off the snacks and were left debating if we should purchase a second or even a third tray already!


We got settled in and had a few hours rest before venturing out for the evening to find food and visit the renowned Tivoli Gardens, which was all kitted out in its Halloween themed goodness! We found ourselves watching one of the only English tv channels available in the room, Dr. Phil was on, and to anyone who has seen the programme before, you know it is always action packed with family dramas. Once storage hunters was advertised next we knew we needed to get out for the night, otherwise, we would just sit in front of the tv and miss out on the fantastic city of Copenhagen!
Stopping off at the Boston Grill, which is attached to and partnered with our hotel, we decided on our meals ahead of time from a menu strategically left in our hotel room. The portions were huge and the food tasted fantastic! I went with the Boston Burger and Abbie went with the Grilled half lobster, desserts soon followed with a healthy dose of cheesecake. Nothing else much to say, the food was brilliant, very reasonably priced, and would definitely recommend anyone passing by this place to try it out. A quick side note, the restaurant/bar has tv screens scattered about showing live sporting events. So if you’re desperate not to miss your football then this is the place to grab food and have a great time!

Tivoli Gardens at night is a spectacular sight to see, especially when its dressed for Halloween. The atmosphere was great with the occasional fire pit scattered about keeping guests warm if they decided to stop and have a break. Sadly, due to the size of the dinner, I decided against going on any of the attractions in the park and decided just to admire the sights, and soak in the Halloween spookyness! We visited all of the small huts that showcased local crafts and handmade goodies. This was a particular highlight for us as we do like to support local arts and crafts at every chance possible. The temperature has started to drop now as we are entering the winter months; but we were prepared with hats, scarves and big coats. The park was not overly busy which gave us plenty of room and the park never felt crowded. This always makes it a better experience overall!

23-27th October 2017 CopenhagenIMG_50480000123-27th October 2017 CopenhagenIMG_511900001
So after a long day of travelling and eating what seemed to be giant portions of food we were ready to call it a night.

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