Copenhagen – Day 2: Den Blå Planet & Nyhaven

Day two of our Copenhagen adventure started off with a fantastic breakfast from one of the local bakeries I had found online, Lagkagehuset. They had a great deal on at the time for three Danish pastries for 49DKK, which was around £6 at the exchange rate we were working by. So we were fully fueled and ready to head out for some sightseeing!


Because the Copenhagen card gave us free access to lots of attractions and public transport we took advantage of this by heading back towards the airport to the aquarium, Den Blå Planet, which is the national aquarium of Denmark. So a quick train journey back to the airport, a quick hop on the metro out to the Kastrup stop followed by an 8-minute walk to the entrance of the aquarium. I think we were lucky to have visited in the middle of the week, as the weekend could become very busy at this attraction as it is a fantastic place to bring families.



When visiting Den Blå Planet, be sure to look out for the timetable of when the feeding times are happening, as these are fascinating to watch! The only downside is that some of the talks are only in Danish, but still are fantastic to watch none the less. It is split up into three main sections: Northern lakes and seas, tropical lakes and rivers, and the Ocean. The main highlight for me was the aquarium staff feeding the sharks, we were in a small seated area with different tiers all facing a large glass screen showing us all the fish fighting over the food. So interesting to watch! The tank was filled with giant rays, Hammerhead Sharks, and all sorts of other species I couldn’t begin to imagine naming! All in all, it was a great morning out at the aquarium taking in so much information, being in awe of all the fish. I would recommend visiting if you ever have the chance. Check out their website if you wish to know more details:


Next on today’s travels was visiting the port looking area of Nyhaven, Nyhaven is possibly one of the most photographed areas in all Copenhagen next to the little mermaid statue this is due to the buildings are all very brightly colored and are very photogenic. What you do not see in the photographs is that the multicolored buildings which are in fact bars and restaurants. The canal was lined with big boats and this is one of the areas where you can get on one of the canal tour boats. Please note the Copenhagen card does not cover the entrance to the canal tours for free from this port, you have to go to a different port to board the tour for free. All of the restaurants along the canal are reasonably priced they have outdoor seating and all the staff seemed friendly enough to help if you have any queries about the menu. The majority of the menus have a running theme of fish, so bear that in mind if you are looking for a place to eat.

23-27th October 2017 CopenhagenIMG_539800001

We decided on visiting the very first restaurants on the road named ‘Barock’, the restaurant had a very cool vibe to it which drew us in for an evening meal. That along with its quirky décor it was lit by candles and had some fantastic looking food on the menu. Me and Abbie both went for burgers and we were not disappointed, especially my sweet potato fries. Along with the fantastic food, the music was very good which helped us enjoy the meal even more.

On the walk back to the hotel we found ourselves hopping from one coffee shop to another, checking out the menu and having a look to see what snacks they had on offer. Until we finally settled on a Joe and the Juice smoothie. Joe and the juice seems to be a very modern hipster juice bar that is very popular in Denmark which I can see it becoming very popular in England in the coming few months. Fr the rest of the holiday we found ourselves popping into numerous Joe and the juice locations for a quick smoothie on the go.


So another day down with only two more full days to go! I wish we could have stopped in Copenhagen forever!

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