Copenhagen – Day 3: Copenhagen Zoo & Paper Island

Day three of our adventure in Copenhagen again started off with a breakfast visit to Lagkagehuset for another set of three pastries for 49DKK. Glorious breakfast, I do miss them.

Today’s adventure sees us visiting Copenhagen Zoo, which was a 15-minute bus ride away from the center of the city. Again, with our Copenhagen card, public transport and the entry to the Zoo was free. Saving us even more money!During the day, the bad weather rolled in and we had to take shelter in some small huts overlooking the Tiger enclosure, which ended up being a great thing because the photos turned out fantastic! All in all, we spent over an hour in the huts waiting for the weather to clear.

The food break today was on Paper island or Paperoen to the locals. This was a little walk out of the main part of the city near one of the more famous restaurants in Copenhagen, “Noma”. The food hall was in a warehouse-style unit with lots of different types of street food vendors and we had a long walk around deciding on the meal of choice. The choice ranged between hot dogs, sushi, Korean and falafel, with plenty more to chose from! In the end, the winner went to the store at the very front of the warehouse which sold hot dogs, and these hotdogs were UNBELIEVABLE. Coming in two different sizes I went with the larger hotdog, and Abbie went with the normal sized one. I forgot what the full set of ingredients on the hotdogs were, but the larger one had two sausages and lots of pesto. The picture below shows the food in all its glory!

Once we got back to the room for a quick change, we were flicking through the English news channels to find Prince Harry was making a royal visit to nowhere else but….Tivoli Gardens!! We headed out once again to see Tivoli Gardens in the hopes that the crowds have died down. But to our disappointment, we did not see Prince Harry.

But upon writing this blog it seems like Paperoen has closed down, I’m so unhappy to hear about this.

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