East London Graffiti Tour – Virgin Experience Day Review

Growing up I had always taken an interest in street art, from its vibrant colors to its surreal designs and ideas. So when my fiancée purchased me an east London street art photography tour I was over the moon, and ready to take some photos! Having studied and recreated iconic pieces of street art growing up for my art GCSE and A-levels it would finally be nice to see some epic pieces in person. The new wave of street art is so different from the art I studied so this would be a great way of getting back into the art scene again!

Starting off the tour, myself and 4 others met up with our guide, Steve, at Old Street Underground Station in east London where our journey into east London’s street art scene begins. Having never been to this part of London, I was looking forward to watching London street life in action!

Throughout the tour, we saw numerous pieces that had changed within the very week of the tour. Certain walls are very prone to having the art changed on a weekly or even a daily basis. So our tour guide was viewing new pieces on this trip out too!


During the trip, we visited a piece by the legendary/infamous street artist Banksy. Nowadays all the known pieces by Banksy are protected by clear sheets to preserve the art and because the art now is valued at an absolute fortune! Banksy displays his work in very public places and came out of the Bristol underground scene.


Another major player on this tour was the artist Nathan Bowen, who is famous for a “scribble” style of art. Walking around the Shoreditch area of London you will notice a lot of his work, especially due to him being commissioned for quite a few pieces in this area. His work typically combines dark humor and his distinct style of stenciling.


All in all the tour was fantastic, Steve the guide was very helpful in guiding us through the streets of Shoreditch and other areas of East London. None of us really required any technical tips for taking the photos so I could not comment on his knowledge of photography. I give this tour a 4 out of 5, as in some parts it seemed a little rushed but other than that it was a great showcase of the East London street art scene!

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