The Best Wildlife Centre In Britain?

The Best Wildlife Centre in Britain-2

Where else in the UK can you be surrounded by foxes and owls in great view for some epic photographs?

Following a great trip out to Surrey after a few days of research of where to possibly go, we settled on the British Wildlife Centre, and it ended up being possibly the best Wildlife Centre in the UK. We decided on visiting the wildlife centre as a good excuse to get some wildlife photography practice with my new camera, and to get my fiancee, Abbie more into photography too!

The Centre specializes in native wildlife in Britain, so the goal is to preserve and conserve the animals we have. The BWC opens to the public on weekends and bank holidays and only to private groups, school bookings and photography days during the week. This way you make the most of the available time in the centre when visiting as a part of a smaller group. For any more information, please visit their website!

After what seemed like the longest journey in the world, 3 and a half hours later we arrived from the Midlands to Surrey, at the gates of the BWC. The price of admission was £11.50 (June 2018) which I thought was very reasonable considering the centre is privately owned and relies on entry money to keep the place running.

Having a quick walk into the centre we quickly realized that we would be spending a lot of time in front of the Foxes today, as they were out in the open enjoying the great weather we were having on the day. Also, the foxes were a big selling point for myself and especially Abbie, who couldn’t wait to get some photographs of them with one of my telephoto lenses.


More and more time went by while we spent watching the animals out enjoying the sun and listening to the trainers and centre staff give informative talks while feeding the animals. With the animals out in full view, it was a prime time to get some photos and fully give my new camera a run out!

A particular highlight for me on this day out was the foxes, they looked so amazing! it was finally nice to see foxes in the day and in full view. Especially in my area, they are mostly seen at night and for only a few seconds at very best! In a close second, was the stoats. The two small weasel looking animals had large enclosures with a caged run, stretching all around the enclosure. They seemed so happy to just run around all day with endless energy and especially good at posing for photos for me!

Another highlight in the day was the final activity of the day at the centre, the owl talk, which included a flight to different pedestals to show each owl off to the circle of viewers. The second to last owl ended up stealing the show by flying into the nearby tree and stopping the talk short by refusing to come down. Due to time constraints, the final owl was not able to fly, which was slightly disappointing, but you can never fully train animals.

23-06-18 British Wildlife Centre DavidIMG_938500005

With the day ending and the ever-looming 3-hour drive home fast approaching, we left the centre at closing time after a quick walk around for any last minute photos. It ended up being a long day but well worth it from all the photos both me and Abbie had taken.

By far one of the best wildlife centres I have ever been to, especially the idea of only sticking to native species of animals and trying to promote the awareness of how important this countries wildlife is. Thank you to all the staff helping create this place and making it a fantastic place for animals to call their home! We will be back for a photo day in the near future, so please keep the foxes around!

Please check out the full photo gallery on my Flickr here :

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