The #1 Best Way To See Hong Kong

After a few days navigating Hong Kong I thought I would share with you and review what I think is the best way to get around Hong Kong. As you may already know, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, so getting around can be tricky at times and with a population of over 7 million people, you can see why the area needs a fast and easy way to transport everyone.

Then look no further than the MTR, Hong Kong’s railway public transport system.

Very similar to London’s underground system, the MTR is without doubt the best way to get around Hong Kong, paired with the MTR app on your smartphone and the Octopus card you can not go wrong. We used it all the time getting from attraction to attraction, and we could not fault the app or the transport in the slightest.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 13.15.31Screen Capture taken from

Onto the Octopus card, again, very similar to London’s Oyster card, it works on a value system where you add value to the card, and each time you use the card when tapping into the station and out of the station it takes away the cost. Also with the Octopus card, its cheaper than buying single tickets each time, especially for the longer journeys. You can pick the card up from the airport and various other kiosks for HK$150, this includes a $50 deposit on the card and $100 credit to use on the MTR system. Just be sure to take it back to get your $50 back!

Important note:

The airport express from Hong Kong international airport to Hong Kong station costs $110, you will be able to use your $100 credit, but it will put you at a minus, so after this you must top up your card for further use. This is by far the most expensive journey you will possibly take using the card. so make sure you have enough money to top it up for the return leg to the airport.

Check out this quick video on how I used the MTR mobile app to get around Hong Kong

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