Diaries: Two Weeks in Asia : Day 1 – Hong Kong

Day 1

For this entire trip, I have decided to keep a bit of a diary and a play by play of the days as we go along; mostly because we did a lot of things each day. More than likely I will forget something and will only remember it further down the line, so here goes day 1.

We started the day off with a 4-hour National Express coach journey to London Heathrow airport. The journey went fairly quickly after repeated checks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my blog to see what was going on.

We arrived over 4 hours early so we didn’t think that we would be able to check-in straight away but we took a chance at the check-in desk to see if they would let us through. We managed to get through check-in and customs quite fast and had plenty of time spare, so we did the usual, walk around the shops and look at food places until we came across something we fancied. We decided on a place called The Curator, which served up some great food!

Next was the big one, the flight.

Food at The Curator - Heathrow Airport
Food at The Curator – Heathrow Airport

The 12-hour flight was something I was looking forward to getting out of the way, as it was going to be the longest flight I had ever done. Getting settled into my seat and taking in the surroundings of a plane is something that I have always found hard. I attempted to just power through the flight by watching movies (I managed to get through three: Blockers, Black Panther and Game Night). But I then got tired and tried to get some sleep for the rest of the flight.

When we arrived, I felt the heat as soon as the plane doors opened. It was approximately 30 degrees Celsius and extremely muggy. This was going to be an interesting few days. Immigration and customs were a breeze, so we carried on to find the public transport links that lead to the big city!

One of my biggest tips for Hong Kong is to get an Octopus card, very similar to London’s Oyster card. This card has to be topped up before journeys but you will never have to buy individual tickets for each day of your stay. Costing $HK150 the card was a saviour. $100 of the card is used as credit for the journeys, with $50 deposit for the card. We used the MTR app to find out which stations we needed to go to for attractions and hotels. From this, we knew where we were going and which would be the quickest way. Another big tip is that the trip on the airport express from the airport to Hong Kong station costs $110, this will put you at a minus credit on your octopus card, so either, top up more to begin with or top up as soon as you leave the airport express in Hong Kong.

You can find more Information on my other post: The #1 Best Way to See Hong Kong

We used the MTR to get to Fortress Hill, our station for the next 3 nights. Once we left the station, we fumbled our way around the streets to find our hotel which happened to be three streets away and no worries at all to find!

The Harbour Grand Hotel in Hong Kong was one of the most lavish hotels that I have ever stayed in. The lobby was so sleek and spacious, like something you would see in a high-end movie. When we arrived at the check-in desk, we were informed that our room was not yet ready, so we found ourselves a spot in one of the corners of the lobby on a very comfy chair to wait. Check-in time finally arrived and we headed up to our room on floor 39 (41 floors in total!). As soon as we entered the room, we were drawn to the view, it was stunning!

Hong Kong Harbour
Hong Kong Harbour

After we checked out the room and facilities we headed down to the restaurant for a buffet dinner. Even though the food ended up being expensive, it looked and tasted amazing! I just wish I had taken some photos of it all!

The highlight of the day was going to the rooftop terrace at night to take in the spectacular views of the city and harbour. We even got a glimpse of the Symphony of Lights show (minus the music, all will be revealed later!)

Hong Kong Day 1 31-07-18IMG_036700001

An epic way to end the day, and plenty more of activity to follow!

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12 thoughts on “Diaries: Two Weeks in Asia : Day 1 – Hong Kong

  1. It sounds like you are in for a great adventure. I never look forward to long flights either but I suppose if you want to travel there is no avoiding them. But it’s worth it to experience a new destination and Hong Kong already sounds amazing. Can’t wait to continue reading about your adventure!


  2. Hong Kong is such a fun city to explore. I was only there for a day, but long enough to realize that I need to return at some point. That view you had from the hotel is amazing, especially in the evening with the illumination of the lights from the high rise buildings. Thanks for the great tips on using the Octopus Card, that will certainly be beneficial for me to know on a return visit. Enjoy the rest of your travels in Asia!


  3. What an exciting trip to Hong Kong! I can imagine the humidity takes a bit to get used to. The Harbour Grand Hotel looks like a great base for your stay. Thanks for the info on the Octopus Card.


  4. Argh 12-hour flight! I hate long flights. I haven’t been to Hong Kong yet but the views of the skyline from your rooftop are awesome. I guess that’s the highlight of the city, the well-lit skyscrapers at night reflecting in the waters. It’s a lovely idea to keep a day by day diary of your trip 🙂


  5. Hong Kong is high on my bucket list. I love the views from the Harbour Grand Hotel, will definitely keep this place in mind for my own trip. The Oyster Card in London made public transport easy so I will definitely look into the Octopus Card too!


  6. I’m with you on getting that long flight out of the way. At least it’s only 12 hours. From the states it’s like 17 hours. (excuse me, as a weep to myself) haha I’m glad you got to see the Symphony of Lights!


  7. That food from The Curator looks way too good to be airport food! I love the tips about the Octopus Card. It seems like you did your research before hand and knew exactly what you were doing. I could spend hours up on that terrace with a view like that! I look forward to reading more about your time spent in Hong Kong.


  8. This is the great idea to write a diary. As you said we forgot what we did during our trips. I have to do it for my next trip. I like when I fly from cold and rainy London to a hot destination. I know the 12-hour flight is not a very pleasant thing to do but when you get the heat on your face straight after you step out of the plane you feel you are free and ready to have fun. That is good to know they have a card like our Oyster card, even the name is kinda similar Octopus card!!


  9. What an incredible rooftop over Hong Kong! That’s quite an impressive meal for an airport too! I might have to take a trip just to eat at the airport, haha!


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