Diaries: Two Weeks in Asia : Day 4 – Hong Kong

Day 4

Starting the final day off to Hong Kong with the standard Starbucks pastry breakfast and then onto the MTR to head to Hong Kong Disney Land Resort

The walk from the MTR station was a long path with various stalls selling you some merchandise before entering the park just to get you into the Disney mood. Once we were in, we thought we would get into a character meet for the photo opportunity, but after about 10 minutes of queuing and getting into the room, we soon realized it was a drawing lesson from one of the trained Disney artists. This day was learning how to draw Pluto, and the artists made it look so easy with the simple steps they take to create the character, I just really wish the artist showed us how to draw Mickey or Minnie Mouse.


Space mountain is still my favorite ride at any theme park and no matter which Disney park we go to, I make sure I ride it every chance I get at a Disney park, Although, now the ride has been rebranded into a Star Wars themed ride “Hyperspace mountain”. and m  love for star wars makes me want to go on it even more!


Festival of the Lion King was another fantastic attraction, the lion king story retold in a different way makes for great viewing. The only hiccup that happened during the show was when a part of the floor was moving, one of the dancers/performers shoes got stuck and they had to stop the show to retrieve it to proceed.  Not really a big deal but they had to stop for safety reasons. It was a great show and would fully recommend it to anyone, and not really a bad seat in the show at all, due to it being a 360-degree seating arrangement.


A particular highlight of the day for us was taking part in the games at the Karibuni Marketplace in Adventureland. We researched this area/attraction beforehand as both myself and Abbie are Disney pin collectors, and found out that if you were to play the game and not win the big prize you actually win a pin badge. But after the first throw of the ball, I realized that the games were pretty easy and my competitive nature would not allow me to lose the game on purpose! So after I won the “big prize” on the first game, the staff were surprised that we asked for the pin badges as prizes instead of the big Winnie the Pooh toy.

Hong Kong Day 4 03-08-18IMG_134600004

There are two parades scheduled every day and it is a MUST to get your viewing spot early. A lot of blogs and tip pages and information suggest you be in your spot around 30 minutes in advance, but from personal experience in a few different Disney parks, you will need to get there at least 45 minutes beforehand to make sure you are in front and have the best place for photos. For the first day parade, we found ourselves in a great position in the Adventureland section which gave us a great view of the passing floats, and on the night parade, we were at the very end of Main Street so we could see the floats coming around the corner. the views were fantastic and I would recommend the locations to anyone, as my photos turned out fantastic for both parades.

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