Diaries: Two Weeks in Asia : Day 5 – Bali

Day 5

The day started out with an early exit of the hotel to catch the MTR to the airport, but the sunrise through the hotel window was amazing. It was sad to think it would be the last time we will see this city like this for a long while.

The trip back to the airport was not action-packed, having to swap trains to get on the airport express. It seemed like we were early enough to beat the morning rush as the platforms were empty with the exception of the few people travelling to the airport.

Once we landed in Bali and exited the plane we were treated to such a fantastic airport, no confined spaces, what seemed like no queues and it looked brand new! once we found our way out to towards the arrivals exit, I soon realized that the airport was huge for what seemed like a small island. We met our private transfer at arrivals (pre-booked with as a part of the trip) who took us towards the taxi to our hotel, but before the taxi pulled up, we were given a Frangipani lei each. In other cultures, the Lei is presented to people arriving or departing for a special occasion, weddings, birthdays etc. What a way to start the next leg of our journey!

The taxi transfer to the hotel, as fantastic as it was to see the sights around the city and the towns we went through towards Ubud, the traffic was horrific. It seems as though the cities are not built to handle a large amount of traffic now moving around the island, as it took us over two hours to get from the airport to our hotel.

Once we got to the hotel, we were treated to the best hotel entrances/reception areas I have ever seen for a hotel. The reception area was completely open to all elements having no windows or doors, with a giant thatched roof to cover it all too! From this alone, I knew this would be a great place to stay.


After the short introduction to the hotel by the staff, letting us know where everything was, like the hotel spa and where it is located, information about the restaurants and facilities located around the site.

After selling into our room and unpacking we took advantage of the happy hour drinks and evening meal on offer at the hotel and enjoyed the first evening in this fantastic restaurant. Every part of the hotel seems to have no walls with a view out to the forest and scenery around the hotel. What a hotel! Thank you Maya Ubud.

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