Diaries: Two Weeks in Asia : Day 6 – Bali

Day 6

The day started off a with a little rain, but we didn’t care as we were in paradise. Breakfast down at the restaurant was a nice change from the normal hotel breakfasts, even though it did have the typical items you’d find on a continental breakfast. As you can see from the picture, yes, I did have noodles for breakfast. Mee Goreng is a spicy fried noodle dish and is very common in Indonesia, I had to try it!


We checked out one of the pools and enjoyed a little bit of time in one of the caves next to it. We could have ordered drinks or some poolside snacks, but we decided on enjoying the view in the rain, it was so peaceful just hanging out enjoying the scenery. We took the chance when the weather cleared up to have a look around the hotel complex, from the on-site pitch and putt to the second pool and spa overlooking the river below. The more of this hotel we see, the more perfect it becomes. See if you can spot the hidden Cat in the top left picture.

On the afternoon we took the free provided shuttle into town, Ubud, to have a look around the market and the shops lining the streets. We had researched a number of restaurants and shops to check out throughout the stay, but we only visited the market and Ubud Palace on this trip out.

The market was amazing, so many shops selling sarongs, wooden carvings, and jewelry. The market was partially indoor and on two floors and filled with what seemed an endless amount of small stores. Abbie ended up buying some little jewelry bits while I was too busy trying not to get lost in the labyrinth of the market.

Ubud Palace was along the main strip where the shuttle dropped us off, so we decided to take a look. We knew Bali was full of palaces and temples, so let’s start crossing them off now. Even though it was a small area of the palace we visited it was a great experience to see all the statues and gates on the site.

We planned for Abbie to get back in time for a meditation class went to meditation class while I stopped in the room to grab a little bit of a rest. But with the traffic in Ubud being crazy at all times, we were pushed for time when coming back and we just about made it in time for Abbie’s class. Phew!

It was Italian food tonight at the hotel, so how could we say no! The buffet was fantastic, plenty of choice, and as always. Next came possibly one of the strangest moment of my entire life. During our evening meal, the island of Lombok was struck with an earthquake. The earthquake was big enough for us to feel in the center of Bali, so when everything started to rattle we thought nothing of it, thinking it was something above us in the bar. But once the screaming and cutlery hit the floor, we had to get out to the courtyard and wait for the all clear to get back into the hotel to continue the evening meal.

I wished I would have videoed the experience but I was more concerned about our safety at that time. It was not until the next day when we found out the extent of the earthquake that hit Lombok. At that point of the year, it was the biggest earthquake to of hit in the entire world! The 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused major damage to the island of Lombok with some minor damages to the Airport in Bali.

The video is a quick look at the restaurants serving Italian food for the evening meal.

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  1. Great post on a place that is on my bucket list! I’d love the ability to pin this post to my Pinterest but couldn’t find a share button?


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