MGM Grand Las Vegas

This is a bit of a review of my recent stay at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, we recently spent a 5 day holiday here and think it might be helpful to other people. This is not a paid review, this is my opinion on the hotel and facilities.


Massive apology at the beginning here, I was too caught up in the magic of our holiday that I didn’t actually take any photos of the hotel as we stayed here! So all photos were taken off the Mgm news Room Page.

Being one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas we opted for the MGM Grand for our visit to sin city. The trip from the airport via taxi was easy enough and dropping us off right outside the main entrance made for quick entry into the hotel.

The interior was very lavish and you could really tell it was one of the nicer and more looked after properties along the strip. Multiple check-ins and out desks make for a quick process to get you into your room, out of the hotel or straight on to the slot machines. First perceptions of the hotel were great, fast check-in and the staff were really friendly. Adding to all the experience so far, we even had a room on the top floor overlooking the strip. One thing to take into consideration with strip hotels is that they will charge a daily resort fee when stopping at the hotel.

Another thing I noticed straight away after entering the hotel was that you are allowed to smoke indoors. Being from England, and given the law changes to smoking indoors in a public area this was strange to see.

Onto the room and the journey to the room. Being on the higher floors, we had our own set of elevators to get us to where we needed to be, which is perfect when you don’t want to stop on any of the floors between 1 and 28.

Even though our room was overlooking the strip it was still pretty much your basic room. One king size bed, two armchairs, and your basic bathroom. Everything you needed when coming back from a big night on the tables or bars. A big tip for all hotels similar to this, do not touch any of the food or drinks on display in the room, do not remove it from its box as you will be charged for it regardless of you eating or drinking it at all. Do not find out the hard way like some of the others I overheard while staying here. Lets put it this way, water and cookies can become the best part of $20 each….


On the topic of food, we never ordered food service because we were hardly in the room for the entire trip. But the food on site was great. We had a buffet breakfast, brunch or lunch thrown in for free with our booking and took the opportunity to try the brunch. For two adults it would have cost us $72 in total, but charging it to the room was advised by the reception desk to redeem the free meal, happy days. The vast selection of food was improved by the offer of free unlimited champagne and mimosas to have with your meal. Later in the week, we tried the breakfast, which was cheaper at around $50 for the both of us, but no free champagne or mimosas. It had been a long time since I last had bacon cooked the American way. Love it. One of the tips we found online, was to purchase the breakfast option late in the time slot, so they start to bring out the brunch food items while you are still enjoying the breakfast, that way you get the best of both for the price of only the breakfast.

Another place we tried food in the hotel was in the food court in “the district” where Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria served slices of pizza, and after the long days, you will more than likely have, they are a welcome way to end your night.

The casino is huge! plenty of slots and table games, so make sure you bring your wallet. typically I noticed all the table games had at least a minimum bet of around $15 dollars, this is more expensive than the casinos on Fremont Street, so be careful with your spending. The high limits rooms for the table games can be anywhere between $100 to $500 per hand, so you’ll need plenty of nerve and money to keep in the game.

The one thing I never believed happened in Vegas is actually true! you can actually get free drinks while at the slot machines or tables. well, not exactly free, but tipping the waitress a few dollars is expected. The more you tip, the better chances you’ve got of having them come back to offer you more drinks.

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