Pink Jeep Tours – West Rim Grand Canyon Tour and Hoover Dam (Review)

One of the main points of our trip to Las Vegas was to see the Grand Canyon, and after a little bit of research and a suggestion by our hotel for the week, MGM Grand, we opted for Pink Adventure Tours. The chosen tour for the day was the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam combo tour.

The online booking was nice and easy, select the date, tour, your hotel pick up point and your all set. So simple, especially when we were half the way across the globe when booking the trip.

First impressions of the company were great, they left us an answer phone message on our hotel phone letting us know when and where to meet them, just in case we forgot from our original booking. The only problem is that we just were not looking forward to the extremely early start to the day!

The pick up was at the west entrance to the hotel and straight away you know which bus was yours for the day. It was the huge converted jeep/people carrier in hot pink. Our tour guide for the day greeted us and led us on board the 11 seater bus, where we were the first pick up of the day. After Gary, our tour guide for the day had finally picked up two more groups from other hotels on the strip, we headed out to the Grand Canyon as the first stop of the day. Along the way, Gary was telling us about the local area, wildlife, plant life and all sorts of other amazing little tidbits about the areas we were driving through. He has to have been the most interesting and informative tour guide I have ever come across on any trip or holiday!

Reaching the Grand Canyon took around two hours from our hotels. The entrance to the west rim was strange because I never expected a security check-in procedure to get into the national park. This is also a good point to have a quick rest stop and to pick up some little souvenirs at the shop, also I imagine it to be where you get dropped off for your helicopter tour if you chose to take one. First stop in the Grand Canyon was Eagle point, this is one of the most popular stops due to the Skywalk, where a cantilevered glass platform overlooks the Grand Canyons basin. Pretty scary stuff for myself, I barely got to the edge of the canyon, so I was not game for the Skywalk. it looked like a great experience, but I’m afraid I had to pass this time around.


Next was Guano point, another fantastic viewpoint of the Grand Canyon. Home to an old mining tower, which makes for an awesome photo opportunity. Also, home to a nice place to grab a little bit of food if you have enough time. The views were stunning and you really can’t get a feel for the size until you visit for yourself! When we arrived, it looked as if a market was being set up, only to find when we were almost ready to return the Hualapai Market had started, with the locals selling handmade crafts and jewelry.


One hour back from our Grand Canyon visit was the Hoover Dam, one of the most impressive feats of human engineering I have ever seen. Unbelievable! To get a better view of the dam to begin with we parked up and walked up the steps onto the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which gives you an unrivaled view of the dam. The next stop was just over the dam to another viewpoint from the other side, giving you a whole new perspective.


The entire tour was fantastic, Gary, our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the trip. The most genuine, interesting and kindest man you would ever meet, who even offered to take our photos when we were at the sites. Showing great skill in photography too, and knowing all the best spots to get the greatest photos for your photo album.




Thank you very much for reaching the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed the post.

This post was not sponsored in any way and is fully my own opinion.

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