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The Travelling Dave started in August 2017 as a way of documenting my holidays and has escalated into me wanting to write about every holiday and travel experience i have!

Engaging with fellow travellers and people who are interested in the journey is something i am passionate about, you will always find me talking about my latest travels or at least the planned travels to come.

My current demographic is men and women between 25-34 years old, which would be like minded people in my generation looking for travel ideas with friends or family.

I am looking for travel related brands to work with, and i aim to at least provide a detailed blog post related to the brand/visit/product, with at least 5-10 mentions of post on different social media profiles.

Please contact me via email: thetravellingdave4@gmail.com

The Current Social Media Stats are (as of 1st of January 2018):

Twitter: 301 Follwers
Facebook: 72 Fans
Instagram: 110 Followers
Wordpress: 14 Followers

My aim is to continually grow the blog with better and better content with photography and video becoming an increasing key component to the Travelling Dave blog.



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